why we choose to use only the best car care products available to enhance and improve the look of your car. Meguiar’s Professional products are internationally known for Quality and have been in use by major automobile manufacturers for more than 100 years. Our combinations of products and services have been tailor made to suit your individual preferences.
surface as clean as possible to prevent contaminants from bonding to your paint and diminishing finish. It is recommended that you wash your car every 2-3 days as new contaminants land on your car’s surface everyday. Washing with a soft, PH balance shampoo gently cleans the surface yet prevents stripping of the all important wax layer that is protecting your polish and paint. Remember that “FREQUENT CAR CARE IS EASY CAR CARE”!
Car Wash - Out Only PRICE B$
Small / Medium Size: 5
Large Size: 8
Car Wash - In & Out PRICE B$
Small / Medium Size: 8
Large Size: 18
Car Wash + Quick Detailer PRICE B$
Small / Medium Size: 20
Large Size: 30