Gold Class Instant Wheel Cleaner

Gold Class Instant Wheel Cleaner is a powerful and highly effective formula for removing baked on brake dust and road grime without scrubbing – just spray on and hose off. Safe on chrome wheels and all factory clear coated wheels, this formula is ideal of wheels with hard to clean crevices, grooves, and intricate designs. Special ingredients with anti-static action help prevent future brake dust build up.
Hot Rims instant All Wheel Cleaner

Hot Rims is the safe, logical choice for nearly all wheels and coatings. Hot Rims uses tough, penetrating and neutralizing agents to loosen and dissolve brake dust, road grime, and stubborn dirt build up, allowing those substances to wash off easily.
Natural Shine Vinyl & Rubber Protectant

Designed for people who want to maintain that rich "like new" look on their dashboards, trim, tires, and hundred of other surfaces. Unlike some protectants that leave an artificial plastic or greasy look, this formula brings back the original natural finish and allows you to control just how much shine you add. With one application, you create a perfect, "like new" shine. with two applications, you can increase the shine and darkness and create a look that goes beyond the standard factory finish. To help create a rich, natural shine this complex formula includes cleaning agents that help remove dirt and grime that dull or discolor your finish. We've also added UV protection to reduce damage from the sun.
Gold Class Endurance High Gloss tire gel

Now you can enjoy Meguiar’s Endurance Long-lasting Tire Protectant Gel in a new High Gloss formula. Have rich, dark, high gloss tires longer than with ordinary protectants. This luxurious, concentrated gel also saves you time and money. Saves time by eliminating all the mess common with sprays and foams. Saves money by lasting longer, requiring fewer applications. Endurance High Gloss also prevents your tires from turning brown.