Deep Crystal System Paint Cleaner

This non-abrasive paint cleaner has been improved to deliver even stronger performance with no chemical odor. It safely removes road grime, surface contamination, light oxidation, swirls and light scratches to restore damaged and dull finishes. Deep Crystal System Paint Cleaner prepares all paint finishes for polishing and waxing.
Deep Crystal System Polish

Deep Crystal Polish is a pure polish specially formulated for dark colored cars. The formula creates a dazzling, high gloss finish by conditioning and nourishing the paint, making dark colors darker and reflections deeper and more clear. It is that extra step necessary to create the ultimate, wet-look show car shine.
Deep Crystal System Carnauba Wax

In order to “lock in” and protect the eye dazzling finish you created with Steps 1 and 2 of the Deep Crystal system, you need to apply a protective coating that will not dull the gloss. Our Deep Crystal System Carnauba Wax delivers durable, long-lasting high gloss protection with superb water beading action.
Clear Coat Body Scrub Paint Cleaner

Neglected finishes as well as newer paint finishes require the use of an effective paint cleaner like Body Scrub. This proven formula effectively cleans deep down into the paint finish to remove stubborn stains and contaminants that won't come off with normal washing and waxing. Body Scrub uses mild abrasives, chemical cleaners and paint nutrients to safely remove stains, blemishes, oxidation and other contaminants...and it's 100% safe.
Deep Crystal Car Wash

Our most popular formula in an economy size package, Deep Crystal Car Wash contains special ingredients that extend the life of the suds. Dirt and grime are quickly loosened and removed while wax protection is preserved.